Speaker Profile: Sourcemap's Leonardo Bonanni

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Leo Bonanni

Our desire to connect and communicate instantly is at an all time high. We are always tuned in to the outside world whether through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or another one of the many social media platforms. These platforms are so ubiquitous abstaining from them is almost unheard of among social circles. In fact, developers are constantly working on new applications and platforms to more seamlessly integrate instant communication into our lives. So how is it that the most critical and largest social network in the world has been obscured and largely forgotten? That is, until now.


Leonardo Bonanni, Founder and CEO of Sourcemap—the first platform for supply chain transparency—is on a mission to change that.  “Knowing where things come from,” he says, “is essential, it’s radical, and…very very cool.” Sourcemap started out as his Ph.D. thesis project and is now a company dedicated to providing instant answers to the questions we often fail to ask. Where does this come from? What is it made out of? How does it affect the people who made it? And, is it sustainable? Supply chain mapping requires information sharing between buyers and sellers, from a product’s raw materials to its consumer-ready form; therefore, making it much easier to trust the quality, sustainability, and the ethics behind its production.  

Moreover, Sourcemap is an invaluable tool for any business, whether sustainability is a major concern or not.  In fact, the company’s first successes were in resolving short-term crises. Clients, who once spent weeks determining the effects of natural or human-made disasters on their suppliers, were able to bring that time down to just minutes with Sourcemap. In an interview by Fronetics, Bonanni says, “Personally, I won’t rest until supply chain mapping becomes part of doing business as usual.” “Close enough” is no longer good enough.  Clients now have the ability to choose which suppliers reflect their company values as well as make fast and smart decisions in regards to risk and cost efficacy.  Not only is transparency invaluable to the health of our planet, it is as equally invaluable to the success of our businesses.

 Stonyfield shows off their dedication to transparency and the many possibilities of Sourcemap. To interact with the map, click  here .

Stonyfield shows off their dedication to transparency and the many possibilities of Sourcemap. To interact with the map, click here.

According to Bonanni, one of the most exciting things currently happening at Sourcemap is the change in business attitudes. In 2007, many companies were questioning the necessity of supply chain data mapping, but now they’re asking how fast they can get involved. Whether it’s cost, risk, or sustainability, transparency is quickly becoming the new standard that will lead to better business, informed consumers, and a happier planet. So don’t get left behind.

by: Amanda Pickens for Pioneer Mode