Each committee focuses on the specific needs and expertise of the industries important to realizing the mission of FAAR: To advance the best possible quality of life, lifestyle and well-being of humans on earth and in space.

Fashion and Materials Science

Apparel, Luxury, Outdoor and Active, Emergency, Military and Defense uniforms

Fibers, Smart Textiles, Wearables, and Sustainability

Upcoming Events for FAAR Fashion


Manufacturing and The Built Environment

Architecture, Industrial Design, 3D + 4D Printing, Human Centered Design, and Sustainability


Engineering and Technology

Computer Science, Robotics, UX and UI, System Design and Biomimicry



Media, Entertainment, Human Centered Design, AR and VR, International Relations and Cultural Institutions


Life Sciences

Biology, Healthcare, Fitness, Biomimicry and Physiology


Social Sciences

Psychology, Sociology, History, Economics, Behavioral Economics and Anthropology


Through each committee, we support initiatives in education, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

Meetings are always interdisciplinary, addressing industry issues from new vantage points, and finding new opportunities for existing and developing technologies and systems.