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Fashion and Aerospace for Advanced Realities

FAAR is a community dedicated to inspire, advance, and support interdisciplinary collaboration to best design interplanetary lifestyle and well-being.



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We follow the news across industries and give our members access to the most important ideas and opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and dot-connecting. Our readership includes top industry leaders from fashion, technology, science, design and business, and from private sector, government and academia.


Imagine & REALIZE


Open Call

We provide opportunity for the creatives, designers, and space advocates to conceive of new realities, and a platform to share that work. These conceptual artworks encourage discussion around the vast possibilities of our future on Earth and in space.

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Our interdisciplinary challenges are an opportunity for designers, engineers, problem solvers and tinkerers of all backgrounds to work together, proactively improving our existing systems and designing for a better future. Our team sources challenges from our committee chairs, that reflect real challenges they are facing today. Members are also invited to submit challenges for the community.

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We believe that all generations have a stake in creating the new world. Each month we select and share the works of emerging creatives on the topics relevant to the shared future.  

Meet our inaugural Spotlight member: Nelly Taheri

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Panel and Presentation Series

An introductory presentation looks at the shared history of fashion and aerospace, their mutual long-term interests, and the incredible possibilities of what could be if they proactively work together.  A panel discussion follows, on the practice of envisioning new realities, finding opportunities through differences, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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FAAR at The Outpost:
Biomimicry and design for the future

Camp Navarro

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Beyond The Cradle 2018 workshop
The Body In Space: From fashion to augmentation


@MIT Media Lab


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